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Professional Dog Walking You Can Trust

Certified. Force-free. Dog-centred.

Walking your dog is so much more than taking him from A to B and back.

We are professionally trained to help you enjoy peace of mind while your dog enjoys his walks.  Yes, even while we stop to pick up his poop.

So shorten your to-do list to focus on your work, kids or holiday.  Ease your worries knowing that your dog is walked by a professional.  Come home to a happy companion who has had a great day.

Engage professional dog walking services you can trust at a fair price.  See the difference!

Why let us walk your dog?  

  • Modern life is busy.  You’re a career professional or a young parent.  An endless to-do list (career, kids, errands, meals, housekeeping, hobbies, commuting) makes for a long day.
  • You’re going overseas for work or a vacation, and are worried about your dog’s care while you’re away.
  • You’d like to come home each evening to a dog who’s had a great day and is calm and relaxed.

What we can help you with?  

  • Shorten your to-do list by taking dog walking off it with the help of a trusted dog walker to make your day smoother.
  • Let you focus on your own day at work or with your kids knowing that your dog is enjoying his.
  • Give you more time for other tasks you’re juggling (kid’s homework, family meals, extra work) or more downtime (for exercise, friends, hobbies).
  • Let you return home to a relaxing evening of calm companionship with your dog.
  • Enjoy peace of mind that your dog is cared for by a full-time professional dog walker, knowing your dog is safe and having a fun time.

What’s in it for your dog?  

  • She’ll have a happy day!  We’ll vary our routes so she’ll have exciting adventures, full of familiar and new smells, sights, and experiences to enjoy.
  • He’ll be exercised for good health, both physically and mentally, which may help address most common behavioural issues like chewing up furniture, boredom barking, and digging.

What’s special about us? 

  • Certified:  We are graduates from the US dog*tec Dog Walking Academy.  As a Certified Dog Walker (CDW) in Singapore, we are trained in canine learning, body language and walk management to design sessions that meet the needs of you and your dog.  We also bear the Certified Professional Pet Sitter (CPPS) mark for demonstrating proficiency in the body of knowledge and skills established for the industry by Pet Sitters International (PSI).  (Click here to find out why hire a Certified Dog Walker, and here a Professional Pet Sitter)
  • Force-free:  We use only positive, humane, scientifically-sound methods to care for your dog.
  • Customised:  We match routes, walking duration and activities to suit a dog’s energy level, comfort level, interests, age and health.  In case of bad weather, we’ll treat your dog to indoor play.
  • Convenient:  We visit your home, make sure she has a fine time, and return her ready to relax with you when you get back.
  • Safe:  We walk only one to three dogs at a time to give each dog undivided personalised attention, focused on his needs, and keeping an eye on the environment to make sure he’s in the safety zone.  We are certified in canine first aid (Dogsafe, Canada), and have emergency protocols in place should any accident happen.
  • Dog-centred: We know a thing or two about dog behaviour, making each visit a chance to reinforce good dog manners.
  • Ethical:  We adhere to PSI’s Recommended Quality Standards and Code of Conduct & Ethics.  We pledge to maintain ethical business practices even though the industry does not require it of us (click here or the Dog*tec Business Code icon to read our ethics pledge).
  • Professional:  As a dog walking professional, we are committed to continuing education and upgrading of our knowledge and skills.  We are a Singapore member of Pet Sitters International, the world’s leading educational organisation for pet sitting professionals since 1994 .



Minimum walking requirements

  • To help dogs settle into a safe walking routine and maximise the benefits you enjoy at home, dogs should be walked a minimum of 2-3 days a week.

Meet & Greet  

  • Think you and your dog might benefit from professional dog walking?  Book us and we’ll arrange a complimentary Meet-&-Greet intake interview session to meet in person before you entrust us with your beloved family member.  We’ll visit you and your dog at your home, get to know her through an intake interview, learn her likes, dislikes, and how she enjoys being taken care of.