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To walk with a dog… is to share his world. What sights and sounds he encounters.  What past and present smells he reads. To stretch his legs, to bask in the sun, to discover and wind his way through this brave new human world.

To sit with a dog… … is to share her home. What treats and meals she relishes. What games and favourite toys she likes. To enjoy belly-rubs, to nap on the couch, to dream and wait to welcome her beloved humans home.

Jeffrey Lee CDW (Certified Dog Walker), CPPS (Certified Professional Pet Sitter), is a graduate of the US dog*tec Dog Walking Academy and a member of Pet Sitters International.  He has a Ph.D. in Zoology, and has been a Biology educator for over 20 years. Always passionate about animals and learning, he now helps owners care for their pets and integrate the dogs into their human surroundings. Jeff has assisted in training sessions by Dr Kang Nee, certified professional dog trainer and CEO of Through these he has learnt the value of force-free, rewards-based methods of interacting with dogs.

Continuing education is central to a professional dog walker. To better cater to the physical and mental wellbeing of our charges, as well as provide peace of mind to clients, continually upgrades our knowledge and skills to deliver the best service to owners and their dogs.  As part of our commitment to professionalism, is proud and privileged to be a silver sponsor of The Professional Animal Care Certification Council to help promote evidenced-based best practices in the pet care service industry for the benefit of dogs and their guardians.

Choosing is to believe that a dog can be handled in a safe, low-stress manner, such that she can navigate her environment with confidence, handle interactions with calmness, and live life cheerfully – sharing in that special bond with her humans.