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What our clients say…

“Dog sitters play an especially crucial role in helping me manage my dog’s separation anxiety, and I have worked with many. It’s not an easy role: as Princess could not be left alone at all, dog sitters have to be punctual to the minute for me to leave on time, commit to very early start times and often accommodate my variable schedule.

Yet, Jeff fulfils all that flawlessly each and every session – his unfailing reliability offers me a peace of mind that’s hard to find.

More importantly, I’m always confident that Princess is in good hands when she’s with Jeff. With his years of assisting in dog training sessions with, Jeff handles every interaction with Princess with careful consideration and extensive knowledge of her needs and body language, going above and beyond his stated duties.  As such, every time I leave I always know that Princess will not just be walked and fed, but taken care of in every sense.

It’s lovely to see how happy Princess is with Jeff, and I am in turn, happy to have found a dog sitter I can recommend with absolute certainty!”

~ Yvonne (with Jeff and her dog, Princess)

Piko absolutely adores Jeff, and so do we! Jeff walks and dog sits for Piko, and from day 1 we knew that we were in good hands.

Jeff is thorough, trustworthy and treats Piko like his own dog. We felt that Jeff showed the highest level of care and concern for Piko. When we were away, he made sure that we were always updated with reports on how Piko was doing and together with Nee (of, ensured that Piko was always well looked after and occupied with fun and appropriate activities.

Piko had been trained by Nee a few years back, and it was a seamless transition from the training to arranging for walks and dog sitting with Jeff, as Nee and Jeff were already familiar with Piko and vice versa.

We would recommend and Jeff in a heartbeat to any of our friends and family and we are so grateful to Jeff for his help!”

~ Lauren & Piko

“Muffin is a dog we adopted when he was abandoned. He became dog-dog reactive due to past incidents when he was attacked by other dogs. As such, it is no mean feat to take him for walks as one has to be on constant alert and be able to react quickly when he encounters other dogs during his walks.

Jeff has been an amazing partner helping us walk Muffin on a weekly basis. Even more than that, Jeff treats Muffin like his own puppy. Jeff takes Muffin on different walking routes to expose him to different experiences and even brings him a variety of puzzles to play with him after the walk. Muffin always looks happy, relaxed and exercised after each walk with Jeff.  We know Muffin is well cared for and looked after as Jeff’s passion, love for his puppies and creativity simply shines through. Together with Nee from who trains Muffin, Jeff can always be counted on to support us in our care for Muffin.

Dog walking is definitely more than just a job for Jeff. His professionalism, reliability, dedication and love for our furry pups is why he does what he does. He is definitely the best there is in town and I will highly recommend him to those who expect a high standard of care.

Thank you for being awesome at what you do, Jeff, Nee and of course Kiyo!

~ Daniel and Daphne with Muffin 
(in foreground)

“Jeff has become a regular presence in Suki, Kiko & Yuko’s lives in recent months. He is such a kind and gentle soul, that even shy Suki took to him very quickly at the start. The gals are very happy every time he visits, stimulated by the training he provides, the games he plays with them and the walks they take with him. They have clearly responded to his care, affection and attention. His visits have helped to manage Yuko’s hyperactivity and to calm Suki’s hypersensitivity so that the gals have become more relaxed and mellow, in a word happier. We would have no hesitation in recommending Jeff, both for dog walking and for dog sitting.”

~ Constance and Kristine with their poodlets Suki, Kiko and Yuko 
(from left to right)